The Procedure For A DUI Trial

If you are involved in a DUI, you should consult with the best DUI lawyer in Arizona who specializes in these cases as soon as possible. This is true even though most DUI cases are settled before they have to go to trial. It is important, especially if you are arrested, that you get representation as soon as you can because you will need someone who is knowledgeable and able to handle all the details of posting bail to get you out of jail right away. Many competent lawyers are even able to get your bail eliminated, if not at least reduced.

Legal ServicesOften your lawyer may be able to work out a plea bargain for you. In that case, he or she can sometimes find a mutually agreeable plea deal between the defense and the prosecution or even arrange to have your case dismissed.

Whether or not you will want to go to trial is dependent on a variety of factors and every case is different.

How To Decide Whether Or Not To Go To Trial For A DUI

First, you will need to consider the possible penalties that you will face if you are convicted. The reduced penalties that you may receive in a plea bargain may make that an attractive alternative for you. You should consider the following:


  1. What do you think they will say?
  2. Do you think they will actually show up for the trial?
  3. Are they credible witnesses?
  4. Do you think the arresting officer will skip the trial?

How Strong Is The Evidence That Has Been Prepared Against You

  1. Do you think it will be strong enough for a conviction?
  2. Will your attorney be able to answer the charges adequately?

What Will Happen If You Decide To Go To Trial?

You Will Have To Make A Choice

  1. Your case can either be decided by the judge alone, or
  2. You have a right to be tried before a jury. The majority of people do choose a trial by jury.

If you do go to trial you will find that it follows a format similar to most trials, such as the following:

  • The defense and the prosecution will select the jury
  • Both sides will present their opening statements
  • Both sides will present their evidence
  • Witnesses can be called for examination and cross-examination
  • Instructions will be sent to the jury. They will be asked to apply the law in the case, not just follow their instincts
  • The jury will deliberate
  • You will be found either innocent or guilty

If it happens that you are convicted, your sentence can range anywhere from simple fines of a few hundred dollars and suspension of your driver’s license to somewhere between 6 and 18 months in prison if you are a repeat offender or it was a more serious situation.

DUI TrialSome of the factors that are taken into consideration in sentencing are your blood alcohol reading when you were arrested, how many times you’ve been charged with DUI and any other circumstances that occurred at the time you were arrested and what your Scottsdale DUI lawyer has advised for your to do. For example, if you were involved in a serious accident involving injury or death, it will be much worse than if you were pulled over late at night. The first case is a felony and will result in much heavier fines and charges that could put you in prison for several years.

Also, the more offenses you have, usually the greater the fines and penalties will be. For example, if this is your fourth offense, you could be facing prison time of up to a year or up to a $10,000 fine.

No matter where you are it the process of fighting a DUI, you need to contact a capable lawyer who is experienced in dealing with DUI offenses at a DUI trial. Don’t try to talk yourself through this because you could end up in a lot more trouble by trying to do that.

The Factors That Need To Be Considered When Hiring A DUI Lawyer

  • The lawyer you choose should have a track record that you can verify
  • To get a good lawyer you should ask for referrals
  • Make sure you check the attorney’s success rate
  • Find out if you feel comfortable with the lawyer

Your lawyer will use certain tactics to defeat the prosecution and he or she will need to extensively research the following:

  • Check to see that the field sobriety test was conducted properly
  • Prepare to discount subjective statements the arresting officer may have made such as
  • The subject had alcohol on his breath
  • The subject “seemed to be drunk”
  • Discover any procedural errors that might have been made during the arrest
  • Did any witness testify for or against your sobriety when you were arrested?
  • Was the chemical test performed accurately?

Whether your DUI charges are for a felony or a misdemeanor, you will find that these charges are treated very seriously in most states so you need to retain an attorney with a great deal of experience in handling a DUI. He or she should deal with this type of charge daily and should be familiar with all the fine points of the law and thoroughly understand how the courtroom operates.

Don’t take a chance that you might be convicted if, at any stage of your DUI, it is possible to prove your innocence. The stakes in fines and penalties are way too high to take this chance and risk a conviction, either for a felony or a misdemeanor.

5 Tips On Finding A Good Plastic Surgeon

Proven Strategies For Finding A Highly Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon With The Proper Credentials and Qualifications

Plastic surgery is certainly a decision that you should not take lightly, especially if you are extremely certain that this procedure such as breast implants can positively enhance or alter your physical appearance. Gathering as much information as you can on plastic surgeons in your city is important, especially in regard to the type of procedure you are interested in getting done. The first step in locating a cosmetic surgeon is to make certain you are comfortable with the medical professional which requires quite a bit of research.

The first step of this process involves making sure that you are completely comfortable with the person that you will choose to use. As soon as you have found out about the treatment, in addition to the cost, recovery time, and their ability to provide successful results. You must take a few weeks to think about the surgical treatment before getting it done.

After you have decided that cosmetic surgery will certainly make your appearance better than ever, you should consider making this decision which can literally change your life. You are now emotionally set to proceed for and set an appointment to get a surgery date in the near future.

Don’t sign any documentation with the best plastic surgeon in Brisbane until you have the information that you need about their credentials and the number of years they have in this field. Various other important details will feature the amount of procedures have they preformed over the years. Learn about their medical school, something that is a crucial factor to understanding if you have actually found a cosmetic surgeon worth your time and money.

Next, find out if your cosmetic surgeon is actually board licensed. If so, they probably go through recurring training to stay up to date with the latest and the current technology available. Additionally board accreditation require that these surgeons meet particular criteria in the clinical markets.

Well before your dear surgery, you need to discover and verify your specialist’s qualifications. You can perform your own research on the cosmetic surgeon and discover encounter degrees and education. Additionally the surgeon should also have a valid license and insurance policy that covers you in your state.

The overall costs connected to plastic surgery are normally high and a lot of health insurance firms will not cover these kinds of procedures. Therefore you will should establish exactly how you intend to pay for the procedure and if you can afford it. Be sure to locate additional funding for follow up visits and after treatment. You might have to prepare for time off for rehabilitation and will certainly need extra funds to cover you from loss of income while recovering.

You should think about paying cash for your procedure. Most cosmetic surgeons will give you a reduced rate for this sort of payment approach. Some web sites for surgeons will show the payment choices available and which one is the most affordable in your particular circumstance.

Once you have done the proper research, you need to make the decision as to whether or not cosmetic surgery is for you and which particular treatment will certainly help you the most. The surgery needs to be viewed as a financial investment in your overall appearance and how much time off from work it will take as well is the preparation must be factored in as you make this very important decision. Now that you have all this pertinent information you should contact a plastic surgeon at

Timeline For Repairing A Roof

Judging The Time Frame When It Comes To Fix A Roof

At some point in time, just about everybody who owns a home will have to have some kind of work done on their roof. It may be just from time and age, or perhaps a storm has come through and done some damage. The job may be to do some touch up repair or it may require a major renovation of the entire roof, and how long it will take to perform the job can vary from job to job.

Some jobs that are very simple can be done in an afternoon, while if a job is more complex, such as roof restorations, then it will take several days. The extent of the damage and the size of the roof will have a lot to do with the timing of the project as will the materials that will be used and the experience of the roofing contractor. It is a good idea for homeowners to periodically schedule roof inspections and cleanups and touch-ups so that if there is a storm that comes raging through, the effects may not be as devastating as they would be if left unattended. Some of the jobs that might be done by a roofing specialist are shown here as well as estimated times for their completion.

Cleaning Of A Roof

This will be the easiest job for a roofer to complete and the time for completion will depend largely on how long it has been since it was last cleaned, or if it was ever cleaned before. The roof cleaning involves removing debris from the roof, allowing the shingles to reflect the sum more efficiently, cleaning the gutters and downspouts to remove clogs. A simple cleaning stops other, more major problems from occurring and can prevent more expensive repairs from happening later.

Handling Small Repairs

Small repairs are done for damage that doesn’t require the replacement or renovation of the entire roof, yet still requires repair. For example a leak due to a branch going through the shingle or the entire roof can be done in an hour or two. If the wind blows an entire section of shingles off the roof, it might take two or three days to repair the area. The size and experience of the crew will affect the timing as well.

Entire Roof Replacement and Renovation

A new roof is often completed when a house is very old, major damage has been done, or the homeowner is going to sell the home. All of the roofing material is then removed and then replaced from the plywood cover on up to the top. An average time to complete a job like this will average about a week, again depending on the experience of the company and the crew.